So another thing I dabble in is my #mlp #mylittlepony #plushies 
Its a fun way to keep sewing while not being as stressful as costumes and commissions can be. #customplushies #plush #mlpplush #pinkiepie #bronies

So another thing I dabble in is my #mlp #mylittlepony #plushies Its a fun way to keep sewing while not being as stressful as costumes and commissions can be. #customplushies #plush #mlpplush #pinkiepie #bronies

New Workroom!

So it’s been a while but I wanted to share my new work room that my Husband made me! We did a lot of research into making a small spare room in our home be as space efficient as possible for my sewing room. Having an online costume business means I really need to have the space and organization in order to keep on top of everything and while I was able to make do before now that I have my new room I can’t imagine anything else!

By sharing these pics with some basic info I hope it will help out others who are in a similar predicament as me. Sometimes it takes looking at things with a creative eye so you can use items in an unconventional manner and it works out perfectly!

So onto my room!:

First off is my sewing table. I should mention that about 98% of everything in my room is IKEA. Their furniture works great for being budget friendly as well as multifunctional/unconventional uses. Eventually my table will have a cut out so I can put my drop down machine in it but for now it’s saving it’s place. We spray painted some wooden thread racks and hung them on the wall. The wire above my desk is actually a picture frame wire that I use the clips to clip my current customer info such as sizing and costume photos as well as inspiration pieces to. Behind it are poles from the kitchen section of idea with hooks to hold my scissors and other tools. The shelf above has mason jars with chalk stickers which are holding my corset boning. I will label the chalk stickers with the sizing of each boning in the jars. And above that a shelf to hold all my wigs and hats! So simple and yet it was so desperately needed hahaha! Everything else in this photo is pretty basic looking. The desk was made from legs from IKEA but then a really nice board from Home Depot that he sanded and painted for me and then bolted the legs to. It’s cheaper and more customizable then IKEA tops.

Moving to the right of my desk we have my closet which now holds all my fabric. Again, pretty basic use of an IKEA furniture piece (I believe it’s their new Expedit line). The drawers hold things like ribbons, spare lint rollers, jewelry pieces, random corset pieces like waist tape and boning tape as well as plastic ridgelene and those types of items. The other side of my closet is closed but what you don’t see is another unit in there like what is underneath my sewing desk only wider and LOOOADS of plastic tubs from IKEA that are all stacked to the ceiling with costumes in them. A bookcase with glass doors is used to hold my bought patterns as well as my drafted patterns. This unit has an extension on the top to make it also go to the ceiling of the room. It is bolted to the wall for stability.

Continuing to the right we have a better view of my cutting table. It’s just two Expedit units on their side and back to back. A wooden frame is bolted around them and drawers and doors are put onto some of the cubby holes. The top is a piece of wood from Home Depot that has been cut to size and has sound board (a cheap alternative to cork) on top and the hole thing has been covered in canvas which has then been tacked to the underside of the wood piece (which is bolted to the units below it). This is because I was always taught to cut by pinning into the table (my teacher had a table like this basically) and I can’t stand doing it any other way so I kept with the tradition! The table also has IKEA mail holders on the side for me to keep my patterns that I am currently using in as well as another bar to hang more tools from. I keep things like my chalk markers, pins, transfer paper in the drawers and the cubby holes I use for current project holders or long pieces of fabric like hard leather and wonderflex that can’t be folded into my fabric unit. The cubby holes in the middle go all the way through the table. Lastly wheels were attached to my table so I can move it into the center of the room or up against the wall out of the way. Overall my table is about 60” long and 46” wide and comes up to about my natural waist for height. It will eventually also have an extension unit on one end that folds down and folds up when I need it for an extra 18” of length.

Some more storage as well as my TV mounted on the wall. A cute chandelier that adds way more charm then you think it would to a room. Plus another shelf to hold more wigs and hats as my collection grows. You can’t see it super well but over on the left are spice racks that we spray painted and then they are filled with spice jars from IKEA with all my bits and bobbles. Things like hooks and eyes, needles, hand needles, push pins, safety pins, rubber bands, rhinestones and acrylic gem stones, pin backs, chains and the list goes on and on of what a costumer can collect that’s tiny and never seems to have a place to go but will be needed in the future haha. Seriously, the spice jars are perfect sizes for this kind of stuff. Grommets!! They work great for grommets and separating out each color. Ok, moving on haha.

This is the last of my room tour! And while looking at it it’s so simple seeming, again, this was such a huge deal for me. Getting all that wrapping paper out of the way! Usually your work room/sewing room is also the craft room because… just is. Behind the door is a perfect place to keep this stuff but it’s always falling over or taking up to much space so you can’t open your door all the way. Our solution was to take those IKEA Book shelf rails for kids rooms and put it on the bottom and then across the top put another one of those picture wire things to hold the top of the rolls in place. It’s perfect! You can see how much wrapping paper I’m able to fit in there and it barely takes up any space! And the mail holders above it came from Staples and they hold our gift tags and tissue paper and odd ball stuff like that. All of my ribbon is in the drawers in my closet which is why we don’t have a pole with the ribbon on it.

So that’s it! A super long post I know but I REALLY hope this helps someone. I’ve had others come to me on my FB and who have seen it in person who loved some of the ideas and said they were going to use some which is why I decided to post here as well. Please share to those you think it will help!

To this day I regret not having costumes for this photo at the L.A. Fair #startrek exhibition. #originalseries #startrekbridge

To this day I regret not having costumes for this photo at the L.A. Fair #startrek exhibition. #originalseries #startrekbridge

A teaser photo of my #jedigown 
Made and wore this to our friends black tie wedding and it was a hit along with my #R2D2purse #jedisymbolnecklace #jedinails and #jedicorset 
#blacktiejedi #geekfashion #starwars #skywalkerdress #geekcouture

A teaser photo of my #jedigown Made and wore this to our friends black tie wedding and it was a hit along with my #R2D2purse #jedisymbolnecklace #jedinails and #jedicorset #blacktiejedi #geekfashion #starwars #skywalkerdress #geekcouture

Thought I’d put up a few more photos from my WW shoot a while ago. Some photos have the blue eyes and some my natural brown but figured I’d include them because I like the majority of these shots. Wish the photos where I was smiling turned out nice but for some reason they all just look “not right” lol. I love cosplaying obscure characters but it sure was fun dressing up as a character as iconic as WW. One day i hope to wear a costume like this to a con. :)

My Dearest Rumple

My Dearest Rumple

A corset that I made to go under a gown and decided to try out some outside boning channels and flossing for the first time. I actually really love this corset and at some point want to do a more fun photoshoot in it with both sleek and crazy wild styling. Also, must lose baby weight and get back to this body shape. Which is funny because at the time I was still heavier then I wanted to be but now I would give almost anything (except for cupcakes and sweet tea it seems lol!) to look like this again.

I’ll also one day adjust patterns to fit my slight scoliosis…….probably not. I get lazy when it comes to stuff for myself.

#tron #cosplay #castor #zuse #tronlegacy #troncosplay #eltape

#tron #cosplay #castor #zuse #tronlegacy #troncosplay #eltape

Our #tackychristmassweater #geekychristmas #whiteelephant #startreksweater #uglygeeksweater #star trek #shutupwesley #tng

Our #tackychristmassweater #geekychristmas #whiteelephant #startreksweater #uglygeeksweater #star trek #shutupwesley #tng

What?!?!?!?!…….. Nooooooo

Everyone, I was just informed that I have chubby thighs. Somehow I have lived my entire life not knowing of this great offense to those on the inter webs(Actually this is not true, i have been notified many a time about my thighs and their alien thickness never apparently seen on this planet before). This is my formal apology for those who have been permanently damaged by viewing them especially since they will continue to destroy others viewing pleasure in the long future ahead of my costuming. They will not stop, they will show no mercy.